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Alpha Kapital MFB has the responsibility of providing specialized banking service to the active poor. It is our belief that these informal entrepreneurs are bankable and that majority of them are poor until they are exposed….

Account Types

The following Account Types are currently available
  1. Alpha Kapital Executive Savings Account
  2. Alpha Kapital Ordinary Savings Account
  3. Alpha Kapital Ordinary Target Savings Account
  4. Alpha Kapital Classics Target Savings Account
  5. Alpha Kapital Children Endowment Account
  6. Alpha Kapital Holy Trip Account
  7. Daily Savings Product (Asusu)
  1. Alpha Kapital Personal Current Account
  2. Corporate Current Account
  1. Alpha Kapital Ordinary Fixed Deposit Account
  2. Alpha Kapital Premium Fixed Deposit Account
  1. Alpha Kapital Term Loan Account
  2. Alpha Kapital Overdraft Account
  3. Alpha Kapital Salary Advance
  4. Alpha Kapital School Fees Bridging Facility
  5. Alpha Kapital Asset Acquisition Facility

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Alpha Kapital MFB


Alpha Kapital MFB

Alpha Kapital MFB Ltd is an indigenous Micro Finance Bank providing cutting edge micro lending services to the Nigerian populace especially the unbanked.

We have various banking products and services, aimed at alleviating poverty and strengthening the Nigerian populace.

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